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      Please read all Terms & Conditions before booking

      In these Terms and Conditions, “us” or “we” refers to Opera Voce Tours, “you” refers to customers of Opera                            Voce Tours. 

      Bookings are accepted only in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set out below.

   1.  Reservation may be made by completing the booking form on the website. 

   2.  The reservation will be held for up to 7 days pending receipt of your deposit by electronic bank transfer or Paypal. If            payment is not received within 7 days the booking will not be processed and will become null and void.

   3.  When making a booking you must complete the Booking Form and accept the Terms & Conditions and answer all                the other questions. 

   4.  You must pay a deposit of 50% of the tour price per person. A contract will exist when we issue our confirmation                invoice.

   5.  Your contract will consist of these Terms & Conditions, the completed Booking Form and the contents of the relevant          web pages. 

   6.  The balance of your holiday price must be paid as follows:

        i)  50% at the time of booking the tour.

        ii)  Three months prior to the tour commencement date: 100% of the total price.

   7.  Failure to meet payment deadlines may result in the cancellation of your place on the tour, and extra charges.

   8.  All signatures on the Booking Form are responsible payments.

   9.  Monies paid are Non-Refundable up to the amount required at the stated dates. Any money paid above the required          amounts will be refunded if customer cancels the booking. For example, if you pay the full amount immediately, you           will lose 50% of the total if you cancel the booking prior to three months of the tour commencement date. If you do           choose to cancel a tour once a deposit has been paid, any claims should be directed to your travel insurance                         provider. 

10.  You must advise us via email, if you wish to change any details of your booking. We shall try to make the                                requested changes but cannot guarantee to do so. 

11.  We are occasionally forced to make changes to your experience and reserve the right to do so. Most changes will be           minor. A significant change is one which materially alters your tour and would include, for example, a change of pick-         up point or quality of accommodation. If a significant change is to be made, we will endeavour to inform you as soon         as is reasonably practicable before your departure. In the event of a significant change occurring within four weeks            of your departure date, we will, if possible, offer alternative arrangements.

12.   We reserve the right to offer alternative accommodation and if we exercise this right, we will endeavour to provide              alternative accommodation to the same standard as measured by the number of stars. If the standard of                              accommodation is lower than the accommodation originally booked, we will refund the difference in cost between              the two standards of accommodation.

13.   It is your responsibility to ensure that you hold a valid passport and obtain the appropriate visa/s.

14.   We recommend that passports and/or visa/s are applied for well in advance of the departure date. For further                    information about passports contact your National Passport Office.

15.   We recommend you check with your doctor whether vaccinations are required.

16.   We are not responsible for your health and safety.

17.   Where transport is provided, you are responsible for meeting the vehicle at the times specified in your itinerary. In              the event that you arrive late, we will not be responsible for you if the vehicle has departed.

18.   In the interests of safety, it is your responsibility to always use safety belts whilst in transit.

19.   It is your responsibility to insure against the risk of loss or damage to all packages and personal effects. You will be            subject to the terms and conditions of carriage of the relevant transport company.

20.   The accommodation provided is as described on our itinerary for each destination.

21.   We accept responsibility for ensuring that your tour is as described in our itinerary (subject to any significant                        changes that you are advised of before departure), and that the services offered reach a reasonable standard. If a                part of your tour is not provided as promised, then, subject to these terms and conditions, we will pay you                            reasonable compensation if we agree that the standard of service provided was inadequate and has affected the                enjoyment of your experience.

22.   We do not accept responsibility where the failure to perform or improper performance was due to:

        (i) your own acts or omissions,

        (ii) acts of a third party not connected with the provision of your tour and which were unforeseeable or unavoidable,          or

        (iii) an event which neither we or the supplier of the service/s could have foreseen or avoided even with all due care            and attention.

23.   In the event that you experience any problems with your tour you should advise our representative so that we can              attempt to resolve the problem at once. 

24.   If the problem cannot be resolved immediately, we will undertake a full investigation. You must inform us in writing            of any complaint within twenty-eight days of your trip ending.

25.  Despite ensuring that the details of the tours offered in the itineraries are correct at the time of printing,                                unfortunately, there may be times when an advertised event is modified or not available due to, for example,                        cancellation of a named singer or other factors beyond our control. We therefore reserve the right to alter or vary                the contents as described on our website at any time and will, wherever possible, advise you of such changes before          departure.

26.   We do not accept responsibility for any loss or expense arising from your failure to secure adequate insurance                    cover. We strongly recommend you take out adequate travel insurance, irrespective of the duration or destination of          the tour.

27.  The tour starts at the arrival point as stated in the tour itinerary. Usually, this will be at an airport or railway station.              The tour ends when we deliver you to the stated departure point on the stated date in the tour itinerary.                                Usually, this will be at an airport or a railway station. We are not responsible for any eventuality occurring either                  prior to arrival or after you have reached the stated departure point as described in the tour itinerary.

28.   In situations in which you decide to join, or to depart from the tour at a different point or time than stated in the                itinerary, we are only responsible for the services and events within the period in which you will be present. We                    are not responsible for anything whatsoever outside the period of the tour as stated in the itinerary.

29.  If the tour is cancelled for reasons beyond our control, for example, although not restricted to Government imposed         lockdowns, natural disasters or the cancellation of the event by a theatre, we will endeavour to refund you any                     monies that have not already been paid in advance to hotels, theatres and so forth. Any further claims should be                 made to your insurance company.

Terms & Conditions
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